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    Shoes introduction
    1, high frequency: that is, in the plane out of relief shape. Eager high-frequency, with a transparent material or opaque material pressed to another material, to open the mold for special processing. Therefore, the higher the cost of production is also more difficult, is the comprehensive performan...
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    What does the material include?
    There are many types of shoes, such as the former palm, after the palm material, nail spike material, board shoes material, leather nail material, package cusp material, hot melt glue before and after the sets, reinforcement materials, sandals, , Elastic, etc. These materials have different shapes, ...

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  • Jiangxi Tongliang Footwear Material Co., Ltd.
    Jiangxi Tongliang Footwear Material Co., Ltd.
    Jiangxi Tongliang Footwear Material Co., Ltd. is located in the Central Footwear Base Shanggao County, Jiangxi Province Wulian Footwear Functional Area, the geographical position is very good, the traffic is very convenient, the company is located in the 320 State Road, and Bukit Expressway only 2 high exit Kilometers away from Nanchang just less than 1 hour journey, the company has been committed to the research and development of polyurethane products, specializing in the production of various levels, different uses foam (sponge), with automatic level bubble foam (Sponge) production lines and vertical foam foam (sponge) production lines and first-class technical staff, products are widely used in footwear, clothing, luggage and sofas, furniture and other related industries. The company also focus on the footwear, clothing and supporting the production of foam (sponge) composite, on the self-adhesive, pumping Article, mesh cloth shoes and other materials.
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